Ecuadorian Wedding Practices

The beauty of an Ecuadorian wedding originates from the abundant tradition and symbolism that is seated in the country’s culture. Out of exchanging bands to the bride and groom dressing in traditional attire, there are plenty of customs you can include in your feast day that will make it truly unique.

What To Don

Traditionally, the bride and soon-to-be husband will wear white-colored for their feast day. This is an important area of the etiquette in Ecuador, as it is a symbol of chastity and chasteness. The groom can also choose to dress in a fit.

Points to Eat

In Ecuador, food plays a huge function in the marriage celebrations. You will view a variety of dishes, from classic soups to meat platters and potato chips. The menu might differ in line with the region where wedding takes place, as well as how a guests favor their meals.

What you’ll do Before Your Big Day

The first step in planning your Ecuadorian marriage ceremony is to discover suitable place. You can choose a church for your ceremony, or perhaps an outside setting that is perfect for your vision. In cases where you determine to go with a religious ceremony, it is important to ensure that you have ceremony given the green light by the Civil Authority beforehand.

You can even opt to employ a judge for your marriage ceremony. This is a great way to put a special feel to your formal procedure and ensure that everything goes efficiently relating to the big day!

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