Dating Etiquette- How to make a Great first impression

While some may think the world of Dating Etiquette is older- fashioned or snobby, there are still specific rules that does make or break an nighttime out. In this article we will take a look at some of the most crucial features of fine seeing politeness and how you can use them to create the best possible initial ideas and lasting relationships.

1. Show up on time

Being on time is one of the easiest ways to make a great impression on your date and shows you are thoughtful and considerate. If you are going to be running late for any reason- be it traffic, work or unexpected guests- be sure to let your date dating czech girls know as soon as you can.

2. Be a good listener

Asking questions and listening attentively are two of the most crucial elements of dating etiquette. This means making eye contact, smiling and being engaged with the person you are meeting. It is also a good idea to keep conversation light and breezy, rather than discussing heavy topics or getting into contentious discussions.

3. Avoid touching inappropriately

Touching can be a huge turn- off for some people, so you should always be careful with this. In general, a light touch on the shoulder or hand is fine during flirting, but excessive or inappropriate touching can be off- putting. It is also best to steer clear of intimate touching in the beginning of a relationship, as this can come across as overbearing and creepy.

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